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Information for men

ProFecund B - Designed to stimulate male fertility

Can my husband also have fertility problems??

Usually, couples think fertility is the woman’s responsibility, which is definitely not true. Although it is still a taboo topic, difficult to accept, statistics show that, in couple infertility cases, the number of men with fertility problems equals the number of women. Around 40% of infertility cases are due to male dysfunctions. Another 20% are due to both partners as a couple. Besides, infertility must always be regarded as a couple issue, not as the problem of a single partner.

Therefore, when the time comes to have a baby, men should be as informed as women.

ProFecund B: how it works

The solution to considerably increase your chances of success when you have decided that you want a baby is now at your fingertips: ProFecund B.

Profecund B is targeted at men who experience infertility problems or those who require a balanced nutrient intake to support spermatogenesis.

Oxidative stress, defined as the aggression of oxygen in its reactive forms (free radicals, ions, peroxides) on the cells in the body, may cause sperm dysfunction. This danger may be reduced by the natural defence systems of the body, and they can be supported with an additional antioxidant intake. This is one of the action pathways of ProFecund B, considerably increasing the couple’s chances of conceiving. The combination of coenzyme Q10 and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (from grape seed extract) in its composition has a strong antioxidant role.

This effect is supported by zinc, a mineral that can naturally be found in every cell of the body and that plays an essential part in supporting and developing the male reproductive system. The zinc in ProFecund B is of natural origin and is bioactive, so it can be absorbed easily and entirely by the body.

Selenium contributes to spermatogenesis and protecting cells against oxidative stress. There are positive results, showcased by scientific studies, related to the use of selenium in male sexuality and fertility problems, research proving the increase of spermatogenesis rate and an improvement in sperm motility.

Finally, the ways in which ProFecund B helps and the beneficial effects it has are complemented by Maca (Lepidium meyenii), a plant grown for over 2000 years on the high plateaus (at an altitude of over 4000 metres) of the Peruvian Andes. Its roots are used in diets and to increase fertility. Maca significantly improves libido and sexual energy and it also increases sperm count and motility.