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ProFecund helped me become a mother!

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Dreams made with ProFecund



Video Interview

ProFecund regleaza ciclul menstrual si stimuleaza ovulatia

Mommy Interview with Profecund: "The doctors told me I couldn't have children. My period was very rare. From the very beginning my period was adjusted, it came monthly. If I were to describe ProFecund in a few words I would say simply - a help for a miracle ". Real case - Claudia's success story


Baby ProFecund

ProFecund B creste fertilitatea barbatilor

Hi, I'm Ada and my princess's name is Sophia-Maria (1.6) and she's a Profecund baby! My story begins in 2017 when I decided it was time to have a baby, I went to the doctor and he told me not to hope that I would get pregnant soon


Mother ProFecund

ProFecund INO stimuleaza fertilitatea femeilor cu sindromul ovarelor polichistice

Hello ProFecund! I wanted to thank you because with your help I was able to get pregnant, I am 6 weeks pregnant. Polycystic ovaries - treatment with ProFecund Ino 3 months, the doctor recommended it to me. " Loredana G.