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Designed to stimulate your fertility

Discover ProFecund and ProFecund B,
products that stimulate fertility...

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When does ProFecund produce results?

For most women, fertility and conception pose no problem. Fortunately, the others can now use ProFecund, a product designed to balance their endocrine system and stimulate their fertility.

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ProFecund: clinical trial

ProFecund has been sumitted to a clinical trial, in order to assess its efficacy with certainty.

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ProFecund stimulates female fertility and provides folic acid as early as the preconception period

ProFecund regulates the menstrual cycle and stimulates ovulation, thus increasing the likelihood of getting pregnant. At the same time, it promotes libido and improves the couple’s sexual dynamics. However, ProFecund has many more benefits.

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ProFecund B stimulates male fertility and increases seminal fluid production and enhances libido

ProFecund B has multiple benefits, from improving sexual dynamics and performance in men, to increasing seminal fluid production. Discover all the benefits on the page dedicated to the product.

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Follow the three-month treatment to stimulate your fertility with the ProFecund (for women) and ProFecund B (for men) packages


We have created for you several types of promotional packages so that you can enjoy the benefits of ProFecund and save money.

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